[Influx 2.0] Problem receiving data from Azure


So using the new InfluxDB stack (2.0), and with the limited documentation the only place to ask some questions is here. By the way, awesome platform!

I currently have influxdb 2.0 and telegraf running both as docker containers. I also configured telegraf to receive metrics from my VM.

Now I want to go one step further and configure my Azure IoT hub/TTN/Function Apps or AWS equivalent to InfluxDB. If I understand the stack correctly, Telegraf is used to receive metrics from Xsource and Kapacitor is used as a streaming service to enrich the data pulled in by Telegraf.

When configuring a Scraper I do not have many options. Is there still something like “/write” to POST my data to? And does that have to be in prometheus/line protocol format?

Thanks for the awesome work guys!