[inputs.influxdb] plugin for Telegraf lacks of data


I’ve decided to use [inputs.influxdb] input plugin for telegraf to configure kapacitor alerting on high measurements cardinality, and I wanted to know which measurements grow too quickly. But I wasn’t able to get that data. According to github plugin’s page, I should get the “influxdb_measurement” measurement from it, as it also clearly seen from the examples on the same page, so it could not been accidentally put in there. But as a result I get every other measurement except that one. Has anybody faced the same situation? Or maybe there is some specific option that need to be enabled?


I also do not see influxdb_measurment when collecting metrics using the influxdb plugin. I’m checking to see if our documentation needs to be updated.

I do see two fields under the influxdb_database measurement, numMeasurements and numSeries, which might be useful to you, although they will only give you data at the database level.


I’m using them as the best option available. But I would like to see which exact measurement is the culprit, and it is not possible with current data, I also cannot SELECT into that data, only SHOW (e.g. SHOW SERIES CARDINALITY FROM ).


The actual measurements on this input are dynamically created from the /debug/vars resource, so the results can vary depending on the version of InfluxDB you are using. I’ll update the docs to indicate this.

It sounds like what we need is a plugin that can perform queries and create metrics based on the result, similar to how the postgresql_extensible plugin operates for Postgres.