Updated influxdb to 2.7.6 from 2.4.0, now UI is not opening

As the title suggest, I upgraded influxdb to 2.7.6 by updating in docker-compose.yml file to 2.7.6. Now, the influxdb UI is not opening and I am not able to downgrade as well to 2.4.0. What should I do, the logs is not showing any error -

Edit now influxd downgrade command shows:

But, again after updating influxdb version to 2.4.0 in docker compose its not working correctly.


Influxdb saved already existing bolt and sqlite as backup, and used those to revert back to 2.4. Don’t recommend upgrading now.

Update 2:
Checked the data, although data is there in the server, I guess due to sqlite file, my previous data is not updating. Can anyone help on this?

Hello @Pratik_Das_Baghel,
I’m sorry I haven’t seen someone encounter this before.
Can you please create an issue here:

Thank you