Restoring data using influxdb dala and wal files

I had an influxdb 2.4 running, last week I tried to upgrade to 2.7 facing lot of issues and now, the influxdb 2.7 is taking very high cpu even on 48 core machine!! So, I want to move again to 2.4 version, however downgrade was not working correctly as mentioned here - Updated influxdb to 2.7.6 from 2.4.0, now UI is not opening. Even though, the disk space was same I was unable to access partial data. I want to restore new influxdb 2.4 with provide bolt and engine files, however that seems to not working. I can see the tasks and everything but I am not able to see the data.
The path is /var/lib/influxdbv2 - here the engine/ and bolt and sqlite files are stored. What am I missing here?

Hello @Pratik_Das_Baghel,
Did you perform a backup before upgrading? I’d suggest performing a backup and a fresh install of 2.4.0.

Do you see the bolt and engine under var/lib/influxdbv2?

What are your logs?

journalctl -u influxdb