Restore InfluxDB storage from "data" files

I’m using InfluxDB 1.7.10 OSS. By mistake files from “wal/” and “meta/” folders were deleted. Before that accident, databases used default retention policy and default user only.
Is it possible to restore database only from data/ files?


Hmm. Losing the wal directory means you’ll lose any writes that hadn’t been flushed to tsm yet, so data lose is inevitable.

However, you should be able to restore the shards in the data directory.

Have you tried and did it work?

Yes, I tried.
But influx, as i understand, simply doesn’t have any info about this data files, cause meta file also was lost.
I tried to recreate the same data bases (same names and retention policy). But query to the period of time, that represented by that shards, returns nothing.