Tickscript and timezone

Is there a support for working with timezone in tickscript?

// Only trigger the alert if the time of day is between 8am-5pm.
    |deadman(100.0, 10s, lambda: hour("time") >= 8 AND hour("time") <= 17)

In the example above, is there a way to say 8am-5pm in a particular timezone?

Use case is Kapacitor running in one timezone, but data fed from systems running in other timezones too.

Hello @prmkbr,
Unfortunately that isn’t a feature yet. Please see this other post.
However, I would like to note here that. you can use syntax for specifying your timezone Time: {{ .Time.Local.Format "Mon, Jan 2 2006 at 15:04:05 MST" }} in your message.

Thanks, @Anaisdg!

I’m looking to include date in the alert id, but it doesn’t seem to support .Time

I tried to work it around by evaluating a tag to something like string(year(now())) + '-' + string(month(now())) + '-' + string(day(now())) and accessing this tag in the id field.
Not sure if there’s another way of achieving this, but I think this is date in UTC, while I’m looking for date in local timezone.

I think supporting .Time in Alert Id seems like a handy option, unless there’s a reason not to do so.

I agree. I know the team is aware of that need. I don’t know what the timeline for that feature is though.