Using alert time or value timestamp in message

I’m having a hard time getting either the alert time or the ‘offending’ value’s timestamp into the alert message.
I’m able to access the value using {{ index .Fields “value” }}, so I had assumed {{ index .Fields “time” }} would work too - but this throws an error. What is the correct way to obtain the timestamp, preferably in ‘human’ readable form like YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS ?

Use {{.Time}}, that will be human readable, but it is not possible to control which format is used.

Nathaniel, thanks again for the fast response.

Is there something like {{ .UnixTime }} or any other workaround to provide the timestamp on the alert?


see my workaround solution in Is formating time in InfluxDB/Kapacitor possible? - #4 by Milan_Holub

Thanks Milan,

Yes, we are using exactly what you answer…Also with now, to compare now vs time…

Thank you for your reply!