Template Installer Error

I am following these steps: InfluxDB University.

When I reach " 4. Select Install Template." the following error message pops up “There was a problem installing the template. Please try again”. I have tried this several times, with no results.

Any ideas on how to solve this? I am using the .yml file provided in the instructions (influxdb-university/bootcamp-template.yml at main · influxdata/influxdb-university · GitHub)

Hello @Esteban_Pozo,
What version of InfluxDB are you using?
I just tried this and I didn’t have any problems.

Hi @Anaisdg , thanks for your reply. The problem persists. Do you have any ideas how to work around this issue?

Hi @Esteban_Pozo,
So this issue usually occurs when you have too many dashboards/buckets for your free InfluxDB Cloud account.

Could you let us know what version of InfluxDB you are using and how many buckets and dashboards you have

Hi @Jay_Clifford tanks for your reply. You are right I already had two buckets. I deleted one, now I can load the template. Thanks!

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