Operational Monitoring & Cardinality Now Template Errors


Ive been trying to setup the Operational Monitoring & Cardinality Now Templates in InfluxDB2 but unfortunately neither of them seem to be working. I have a reasonably clean install of InfluxDB2.0.4 on docker and have imported the templates but both the dashboards (most of the widgets) and the tasks have the same error being reported.

runtime error @10:5-21:4: map: failed to evaluate map function: error in table object start: failed to initialize execute state: influxdb provider requires a host to be specified

Am I missing something blindingly obvious (Couldn’t find any special configuration required in the documentation)


Does anyone have any ideas or is able to point me in the right direction to get some assistance with this?

Let me quote from the documentation:

These templates are only compatible with the Cloud version of InfluxDB 2

Maybe @Anaisdg can confirm if this information is correct.

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that moment when you realise you missed the blindingly obvious.

Sorry to waste your time, Ill go hide in a corner.

thanks very much

@Franky1 Thank you!
@zhumphries No worries, it happens to me at least once a week.