Getting error "Failed to load tag keys" and "queue limit excedded"

Hi all. I am running influxdb and grafana as a docker container in an aws ec2 which of type - t2.xlarge, now i am getting bulk of data, i am running about 60 task, some of which requires complex computations. So i have added offset properly be seeing run time of tasks. Also, i am visualizing data in grafana, visualizing results of tasks calculated in influxdb side. Some panels are visualizing real time though. I got those two mentioned errors on influxdb and grafana resp. So i thought to change query-queue-size and query-concurrency. I updated these changes through docker-compose file, but then influxdb started behaving abnormally. Even thought i am using external volume. So this forced me to restart from scratch, deleting that old influxdb.bolt. Now when i have again pushed data to influxdb and visualizing in grafana, again it showed those two errors, i waited for some time, it went to normal. But i am now not sure, when will these errors can come, so how should i proceed. Should changing again query-queue size and query concurrency will help, what values should i put for them. Will upgrading ec2 instance work?


Hello @Pratik_Das_Baghel,
I’m not sure, my intuition says that upgrading would probably help. Let me forward your question to the right people though. Bear with me.

Okk thanks. Also can you take a look at this as well - Telegraf inputs kafka consumer