Cannot Use Usage Dashboard Template - InfluxDB Cloud


I am trying to install “Usage Dashboard” template directly by pasting the link in the templates section in my InfluxDB Cloud. I am getting the below error.

Please guide on what steps have to be taken to install the template.

  • Currently I have just 1 bucket with 1 measurement.

  • I haven’t yet configured Influx CLI.

HI @khushipurvesh.jain,
Can you try applying the template using this URL instead:

influx apply -u

Does it mean that I need to configure Influx CLI before using this command? @Jay_Clifford

Hi @khushipurvesh.jain,
Sorry for the late reply on this. We are currently at a big internal meeting, So that is the CLI way of doing it. You should be to use it via the UI. Just make sure you use the raw link to the template:

Thanks for the help ! It worked.

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