Telegraf, restart, reload, other, what's the difference?

How are the input handled, I explain myself?

  • I collect data via inputs.snmp :
    For example : 2 oid, oid_1 and oid_2
  • I modify my input.snmp by removing the oid_2.
  • I restart telegraf, no mistake.

The problem is that we continue to collect the oid_2

  • Is a restart sufficient, or does telegraf load its configuration?

Thank you

Reloading should do the trick, how exactly are you going about triggering the reload?

Hello, Thank you for this return
I found the problem.
In fact I had created a subdirectory that contained other input_xxx.conf. telegraf also loads under the directory but also the subdirectories. You must rename the .conf to another extension so that they are not taken into account.
Thanks again.