Telegraf not picking up ASP.NET counters

My telegraf config includes both ASP.NET and ASP.NET Applications objects for win_perf.

    # IIS, ASP.NET Applications
    ObjectName = "ASP.NET Applications"
    Counters = ["Cache Total Entries","Cache Total Hit Ratio","Cache Total Turnover Rate","Output Cache Entries","Output Cache Hits","Output Cache Hit Ratio","Output Cache Turnover Rate","Compilations Total","Errors Total/Sec","Pipeline Instance Count","Requests Executing","Requests in Application Queue","Requests/Sec"]
    Instances = ["*"]
    Measurement = "win_aspnet_app"
    #IncludeTotal=false #Set to true to include _Total instance when querying for all (*).

    # IIS, ASP.NET
    ObjectName = "ASP.NET"
    Counters = ["Application Restarts","Request Wait Time","Requests Current","Requests Queued","Requests Rejected", "Request Execution Time"]
    Instances = ["*"]
    Measurement = "win_aspnet"
    IncludeTotal=true #Set to true to include _Total instance when querying for all (*).

I can see on the server that the counters are getting written for the ASP.NET object, but Telegraf is not sending the data to Influx.


Any ideas one what I could look at to troubleshoot this?

The _measurement for ASP.NET isn’t showing any data in Influx


To eliminate any issues with the output, my first suggestion is to use the [[outputs.file]] output to print the results to stdout. It will help you see what is collected.

I am having this issue with .NET CLR Networking ; any help on how to fix this will be very helpful

@Brett_Zink and @user_007 as @jpowers said, please provide the output of telegraf --test --debug for the plugin or use an additional file output to exclude issues between Telegraf and the database…

Furthermore, to use wildcards I think you need to set UseWildcardsExpansion=true IIRC…