Inputs.win_perf_counters.object - sends one counter


ObjectName = “LogicalDisk"
Instances = [”*"]
Counters = [
“Free Megabytes”,
"% Free Space",

Using the above configuration, the telegraf sends two message with one counter each. I expected one message with two counter values.

win_disk,host=WIN-GVVTNU0V3TV,item_identifier=2709:2569,category=agility-vm,interval=30s,instance=C:,objectname=LogicalDisk Free_Megabytes=45317 1494533452000000000

win_disk,interval=30s,host=WIN-GVVTNU0V3TV,item_identifier=2709:2569,category=agility-vm,instance=C:,objectname=LogicalDisk Percent_Free_Space=74.18435668945312 1494533485000000000

Anyone using this and seeing this?



I thought I was losing my mind with this. For every collection interval I see only one counter collected within each inputs.win_perf_counters.object. This behavior is really bad with the Physical Disk Object with its 8 default and useful counters. I cant correlate spikes in queue length with read/write IO or rates.

Should telegraf be collecting all of them with each interval? Or is there a setting I am missing. I am running Influx and Grafana on CentOS 7, telegraf on Windows Server 2012. I have tested and confirmed this behavior on v1.3.1 along with 1.0.0 beta3.


@bj2001holt This sounds like an issue. Can you open an issue on telegraf? Sorry for not getting back sooner, I’m not a Windows user so I can’t really answer! :speak_no_evil:


Opened the issue, thanks!

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