Telegraf inputs.win_perf_counters plugin

I have been trying to get metrics from this counter * “.NET CLR Networking” - the original performance counters introduced on .NET Framework Version 2 and supported on .NET Framework Version 2 and later. " here is the link from microsoft " Performance Counters in .NET Framework - .NET Framework | Microsoft Learn"

I was able to get the metric from the performance monitor app of my windows server however the measurement option isnt populating in Grafana ; I am guessing the metric isnt being collected by telegraf; I have checked the telegraf logs but nothing concrete found

Here is the line from the config file I wrote:

ObjectName = “.NET CLR Networking”
Instances = [ “*” ]
Counters = [ “Bytes Received”, “Bytes Sent”, “Connections Established”, “Datagrams Sent” ]
Measurement = “win_dotnet_Networking”

Please is it that this isnt supported yet on telegraf ; I would appreciate if someone can help me out on this.

Many thanks

Use the [[outputs.file]] output to confirm if you think Telegraf is not producing any metrics around this particular counter or object. Look at your telegraf logs with that output enabled and it will print your metrics.

Thanks for your response ; do you mean i should just include [[outputs.file]] directly under the counter without including any other statement?

Yep! add it like any other plugin and it will start sending the metrics telegraf collects to stdout. My suggestion is to then run telegraf on the CLI and see what you get. If you don’t want to send metrics to your other outputs you could comment those out briefly while you do this.

Thanks, when I launched the telegraf app, I could see some metrics coming in ;however no metrics was coming for the measurement. The issue was with my Instance, changed it and now working; thanks for the troubleshooting guidance @jpowers

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