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I have a telegraf agent that is successfully writing system metrics to a test bucket.

I have also created a log file to store metrics from modbus device and added input.tail to my telegraf.conf.

The data does not appear to be saving to the database. I can see the system metrics in the database so I am content that the token and database details are correct.

I’m not sure why the data isn’t saving. I think the log format has the correct syntax…

Sample from the log file
Enviro,System=xxx,Site=200 air=239 1589797451299
Enviro,System=xxx,Site=200 air=239 1589797451800

Extract from telegraf.conf
files = ["/home/user/Public/logs/enviro.log"]
data_format = “influx”


Whether to report per-cpu stats or not

percpu = true

Whether to report total system cpu stats or not

totalcpu = true

If true, collect raw CPU time metrics.

collect_cpu_time = false

If true, compute and report the sum of all non-idle CPU states.

report_active = false

By default stats will be gathered for all mount points.

Set mount_points will restrict the stats to only the specified mount points.

mount_points = ["/"]

Ignore mount points by filesystem type.

ignore_fs = [“tmpfs”, “devtmpfs”, “devfs”, “overlay”, “aufs”, “squashfs”]

Those timestamps have millisecond resolution and InfluxDB normally works with


Hi Antony

Thanks for the reply. I’ve changed the conf file to ms but the data still isn’t either being written or accessible.

I cannot see any errors when running the telegraf agent.

Thanks in advance

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