Telegraf Clinic #2 - Open invitation 2021/11/04 18:00 GMT

We really enjoyed working with a few of you in the last Telegraf Clinic in August so we’re bringing it back! :tada: :tada:

In our Telegraf Clinics, Telegraf users and contributors can join, and bring their problems , pull requests, or even show-and-tell. Think of it as a surgery / clinic rather than a workshop.

Everyone welcome to join, with or without a webcam/microphone. The meeting will be open for 90 mins, but don’t feel you have to stay. Come whenever for as long as you need.

We’ll also invite Telegraf core developers, who will attend in rotation to be on hand during the call to help with:

  • Debugging problems / diagnose issues with deploying / configuring / using Telegraf
  • Reviewing pull requests
  • Brainstorm ideas for improving Telegraf

When: 2021-11-04T18:00:00Z (hover to find out when in your timezone)
Where: Zoom

See you there!