Replication dropping data

Our system is replicating influxdb data from a Debian 11 system in the field to
We are seeing that some data not making it into the cloud database.
I have been unable to find any error logs that would indicate the nature of the missing data.
I have one example where the timing of the missing data coincided with a reindexing operation logged in syslog.

InfluxDB v2.7.4 (git: 19e5c0e1b7) build_date: 2023-11-08T17:07:39Z

Any information on fixes or logging techniques appreciated.

I’m also seeing replication issues. I haven’t been able to get good replication performance since I first set it up a few weeks ago.

My Influxdb is running 2.7.6, and every 5 minutes or so it throws the following log:

ts=2024-05-21T04:26:19.865510Z lvl=error msg="Error in replication stream" log_id=... service=replications replication_id=... error="Post \"\": dial tcp: lookup on server misbehaving" retries=1