Real User Monitoring (APM) - Monolithic Application

Hello influx community,

My next question is not about influxdb but please allow me to ask if there is anyone using open-source APM tools or some other proprietary tools.

I’ve a classic monolithic application served on a IIS server and SQL server behind. Still, it’s not that simple. Depending on the query some data may come from other servers or nas devices. I want to keep track of where each request went and how long it took. Where the request come from etc.

I’ve read this paper:
and I’ve been looking into jeager and zipkin but I’m not sure if I’m on the right track. This is not a distributed system. Can you guide me?

I’ve never used an APM tool so far, and this answer is not about an APM tool… so I’m not sure this will help you.

From a strict database point of view, you can use extended events to get and store (in a file or table) some data about requests made to the DB.

In your case, probably the event SQL Batch Completed and
RPC Completed contains some useful info like the request “duration”.

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Thanks but I don’t think this the answer I’m looking for (:
I wonder how to collect this so called “Real User” data.