Hight Level Proof Of Concept For Streaming Telemetry


I’m reaching out to see if I can use an Influx framework to accomplish collecting telemetry metrics from network devices, enrich this data, store it in a DB, and be able to send it out to a messaging bus.

My current framework:
Device → Telegraf → Messaging Buss → 3rd Party Stream Processing Engine (Enriches Data) → Messaging Bus.

The 3rd party stream processing engine does the following:

  • aggregates data for the last minute based on a unique key
  • parses fields and creates new fields based
  • does standard deviation to convert octets to an mbps rate

I’d like to understand if Influx can accomplish all of this. Can Kapacitor handle all of the streaming processing tasks?

Thank you.

Hello @mohsin106,
I wouldn’t use Kapacitor. That’s part of the v1 toolset we’re on v3, and there isn’t really support for it anymore.

I’d recommend something like:

As an example for using a 3rd party stream processing engine with influxdb.