InfluxDB action and control

Hi, please excuse the newbie post and I appologise if this is in the wrong category.

I have read on the website about ‘action and control - businesses want to act on this data in real time with no human interaction.’, and I have tried searching for how to feed alerts back to a user program for controlling devices but I counld not find anything.

I would like to use InfluxDB for alerting when anomilies are found, but than have my own code controlling the shutting down/starting up of devices.

Please could someone point me in the direction that I need to look.



Hello @GrahamWillsher,
Welcome! That’s not a newbie question.
You probably want to use the function:

let me know if that helps or if you want more information.
Also what type of anomaly detection are you hoping to achieve with InfluxDB?

Hi Anaisdg,

Thanks for your reply. I will need to go and investigate the () function further, and get back to you on this.

What I am trying to do is monitor the output of a number of solar panels (using influxdb to record all the panels measurements in a timeseries DB), and if the output from one panel is markedly different to the others over a period of time, then this could indicate that there is a problem with the panel and it should be shut down and further investigation would be required.

At the moment I have the structure that I desire to make this work, I am just looking out for the suitable peices of hardware and software to pull it all together.

Once again thanks for your help.


Hi Anaisdg,

Having thought about this some more. Do you know if it is possbile to execute queries or tasks in Influxdb when new data is received into a bucket rather than on a time basis? As some of my data may arrive in differing time periods.

If this is not possible, I assume the same sort of result would be possible by getting the device that wrote the data to the bucket to request that a sepcific query be run.

Once agin thanks for your help.