Is Influxdb right for my use case?

Hi, I’m new here, and checking influxdb.

I think I get the whole picture, and start to wonder if influxdb is really suited to my use case.

I want to send events from a website to a database to make stats. Like:

  • user clicked button A on page of type D using mobile device
  • user displayed form B on page of type D using desktop device
  • user submitted form C on page of type H using mobile device

Then I want to do analytics / stats based on those kinds of events (on weekly / monthly basis).

The thing I’m not really clear, is that influxdb requires me to send actual values (38° for temperature, or 46% for CPU usage). But the actions / events I want to log, don’t have value. They just are or are not. And they don’t happen on a regular basis.

Well they happen, hopefully as often as possible, but not at a specific interval like every 10s or every 5 min, etc.

What do you think? Should I use influx, if so how? Or should I move on something else? Any suggestions?

Thank you,

Welcome and thanks for your question!
InfluxDB is perfect for metrics and events. Application Monitoring is one of our main use cases.
You can send metrics to InfluxDB using:
-Client Libraries

You could store the value as 1 for every time the event happens.