Should I use InfluxDB for web application, where IoT Data is shown?

Due to some configurations within a web application I dont know, if I should use 2 DB, one for web application matters and second InfluxDB for querying Time Series data for display it on some pages. Whats the best decision?

InfluxDB is designed as a Time Series Database, so if you have time series data
(ie: every data point has a timestamp, and your primary requirement is to
retreive data based on timestamps) it’s a good choice.

It is not a relational database and it cannot be used without timestamps, so
for general purpose data storage (whatever your “configurations within a web
application” refer so) it is probably not the best solution.

Give us more detail about the type of data you need to store and we can offer
more specific advice.


I get huge IoT data in 1/10 seconds (10 values per second per device). The timestamp is important thats why selecting influxdb make sense. But due to configurations of IoT devices, which are substantial and important to do, experts need a UI for (Login, change configurations, send alams and so on). For these mentioned functions I need also a RDMBS. The pain point is how and should I use 2 DBs for my purposes? The configurations on the UI relates the timeseries data, these can change its behaviour because of the changes. In MongoDB you can build a web application with integrating IoT data, but not in InfluxDB. Please correct my mind if I am wrong, but what I perceived is InfluxDB is just for monitoring and storage data for a while, right? So its not suitable for web application where are IoT data shown in self developed Graphics i.e. D3.js.