How to get the each measurement and database related metrics like memory, cpu, heap


we want to monitor each measurement and database related metrics like memory, cpu, heap?

Do you have anything readily available (at least somewhat related) dashboards(Grafana) or queries?

Like shard related queries per measurement or db and any other db related params.

We have



I have not fully understood your question.
Are you looking for ready made Queries.
For windows or Linux?
There are plugins available which can get you up and ready in no time with little changes as per your environment.
Also you can try below link there are several use cases and example dashboards.


Thanks Ashish,

I was expecting measurement level performance like database allocated memory, used memory, db filesystem related queries.

If you look in _internal database for the db information (disk use, db size, heap usage). Install telegraf on your DB servers and just use the default inputs.cpu, inputs.mem to collect CPU and Memory information

IF you want to monitor your Influx instances: InfluxDB internal statistics

You might need to update any template variables to match your own tags. Hope that helps.

thanks a lot @philb