Overdue Migration/Upgrade

I’m working on migrating a Grafana/InfluxDB system to a new server and wanted to put everything on the latest versions of software but I’m running into an issue. The InfluxDB instance is “InfluxDB v0.8.8 (git: afde71e) (leveldb: 1.15)” and it’s running on a 386 architecture. I was hoping to upgrade it up to a more current version and then export the database and load on the new server but am wondering if there is even an upgrade path for doing this. Any help would be appreciated. I searched for v0.8.9 but didn’t find a version for 386 and kind of got stuck at that point.


Hey @sarcasym! There’s a path, but it’s got quite a few steps coming from 0.8.8.

First, you’ll have to upgrade to 0.8.9 in order to be able to export your data. Then, you can use these instructions to export your data.

Here are a few things to think about:
Review the installation instructions for InfluxDB here. You may want to compare your existing config file with the one generated by 1.6.x (or the version that you are going to run on the new server). I would also enable TSI.

Confirm all shard files are in tsm format (no b1 or bz1 shards exist) by running find /var/opt/influxdb -type f -name .b. Note the data directory for some older versions of InfluxDB is /var/opt/influxdb. If there are any non-tsm files, then they will need to be converted using the steps described here.

You will probably need to set up things like security, users, etc. in the new version.

i have the same problem (no one here ever upgraded :pensive: ) and i was searching the document you mentioned but is not available anymore (404).
i found this syntax to export the DB:
curl -o export.gz --compressed http: //localhost:8086/export/db/shard
now, if my db is named “grafana” and i write:
curl -o export-grafana.gz --compressed http: //localhost: 8086/export/grafana
i get an error: 404 page not found
if i write:
curl -o export-grafana.gz --compressed http: // localhost: 8086/export/grafana/*
i get: Invalid database/username/password

i dont find any relevant information that tell me how to specify username and password …

can you help me ?


It depends on what version you’re on. After 1.0 is easier to upgrade. Maybe this post will help.

thank but i found the solution. im on 0.8.8 so the suggested post was not helpful