Node-Red send multiple object to Influxdb issue

Hi All, i’m new user of influxDB and Node-Red user.
i want to transmit data to Grafana by Influxdb :

This is the Node-Red msg.payload send by a InfluxDB node:

You can see in this example the mqtt CAYENNE protocole:

  • each object got : “channel” , “type”, “unit”, “value” , “name”. Each channel corresponding to a sensor/data. The order of these channels is completely random.
  • there is 4 objects in this array . It’s depend on changing values : sometimes only 1 object, sometimes 6 objects.

This is the SELECT* FROM stations result in Influxdb :

The last line is the example above result : We can see channel:89, channel_1:16… but not all 4 objects !

  • inevitably, in Grafana the channel:25 named tempTDS25, does not work
  • The channel:89 named hoursCell89is working because it is often on the first object

Does anyone know how influxdb can handle multiple objects so that I can display each sensor / data in Grafana with its name and value?
Ideally, do not touch the msg.payload from Node-Red… :roll_eyes: