Telegraf send data to multiple Buckets


I’m sending data from node red through Telegraf to influxdb v2.0.9.
Is it possible to send it to multiple buckets through telegraf?

msg.url = “http://:8186/api/v2/write?org=&bucket=&precision=ms”;

Because i can select the bucket if i write directly to InfluxDB, but if i write this to telegraf i need to put my bucket in de output plugin and he doen’st look at the API request anymore. So i can send it only to one bucket which works.

I’m using the [[inputs.influxdb_v2_listener]] plugin for the connection with node red.

Or i’m i doing it all wrong?

Thanks at advance!
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You can"route" data using bucket_tag, but you need to “add” that info in each point if don’t have it already.

If you are cloning data (sending the very same data to multiple buckets) I suggest you just set up more than one output, each with his bucket

Hi @Giovanni_Luisotto
Thanks for the quick reply. It’s working with the bucket_tag.