NodeRed format unclear

Hi! i need some help with configuring the bridge from NodeRed to InfluxDB here a bit of a background.

I am currently deploying different NodeRed system across my workplace to acquire live data and trend. (SCADAs are not an option yet.)

i currently save everything in .CSV inside the docker container of each dashboard (3 to 4 page per dashboard) it work but its far from optimal…

this is where Influx/grafana will improve the overall operator experiance. I come from an OT background and all of the IT focus stuff i have to self teach them and it can get quiet slippery from time to time as it is currently…

SO! here the thing

1- The influxDB 2.0 is setted up
2- The bridge between NodeRed and Influx is done
3- The bridge between Grafana and Influx is done
4- i am able to send MQTT message to Influx DB

The issue is in the form the message are received… i cant grasp my head around the format that the message need to have to drop the tag in a clean manner. I tried many many thing but either the value isn’t there or nothing is received.

I also seem to have an issue with the timestamp if i add it to the message it “create” a new tag for every timestamp which make trending impossible… if i replace the timestamp with garbage it work…

here a couple of picture of what I’ve done so far (the rest will come in reply sorry can only add 1 since im new :/)

This is the ‘‘trend’’ with the timestamp value

What id love to be able to have is a clean layout ex: Machine1/Sensors/Vibration/

any help would be appreciated :slight_smile: ! Thanks you all !

this is the trend with garbage instead of a timestamp

this is the config for the timestamp

this is the config without the time stamp

Thanks again !

Greetings Mike,

I also run the Node-RED > InfluxDB > Grafana setup. What node(s) are you using to send the data to Influx? Can you post the screenshots? If using MQTT, I would do something like this:

MQTT In → Change Node(s) as you already have → InfluxDB out