Logging Data continously

Hello everyone.

I am new to Influx and have setup a PLC data being read in NodeRed and being written to InfluxDB. I noticed that the log isn’t continuous and if the value doesn’t change, data isn’t logged.

Is there a way to log continous data so I can have live trending in Grafana.

This is nothing to do with InfluxDB. Influx will store whatever you put into
it. If you don’t put a data point in, Influx won’t create one for you.

You need to ensure that whatever your data source is produces data points as
frequently as you want to know what the value is.



You can skip InfluxDB and use Node-RED to publish to an MQTT broker, and then use Grafana to subscribe to the same broker & topic. It’s still very much a beta plugin, but it does give you “live trending” in Grafana.

More here:

Thanks for the feedback guys. I figured out the issue on the ABCIP driver. I will try the MQTT broker as well.

I’d say skip node red and store directly on InfluxDB through telegraph ( assuming the way he is communicating with his PLC allows it).

I pull at least 200 variables on each PLC every 2 seconds from near 200 PLCs (OSS InfluxDB of course)

At the same time I stream the most important variables to a “live” dashboard using a web socked in telegraph to grafana and also have historic dashboards that querry fron InfluxDB, for all the other data.

I also use Node-Red for a more smart post procesing of the data (based on events and logic rather than a task that runs every given time)

I don’t believe Telegraf supports Allen Bradley CIP driver. Atleast I haven’t found anything.