MQTT to Influxdb data missing

I’m using Node-Red to save some data from MQTT to Influxdb. The problem is when I look at my saved data in Influxdb I see some data points are missing. I have more data missing when I save data at high sampling rate (1 kHz) compared to low frequency (1 Hz). Any idea if this is a Node-Red issue or Influxdb issue?

I don’t know if this is Node-red, MQTT, or Influx. with that many processors in the mix, it’s hard to narrow it down. You might try adding another output from the Node-red (like a file) processor and see if you’re getting all the data OUT of Node-Red. If not, then you’ll have your answer. Are you then using the Node-Red InfluxDB node?

One thing you could try for better efficiency is to use the telegraf MQTT plugin directly and pull data directly from the MQTT broker into InfluxDB without relying on Node-Red.

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@davidgs: Please take a look at the link below. I figured the issue is Node-Red!

As I said, I’d be surprised if the issue wasn’t Node-Red. If your data is going to MQTT, I’d highly suggest simply using the Telegraf MQTT plugin and bypassing Node-Red altogether.