Networks not showing in graphite measurement (Fastnetmon + Influxdb)

I installed Fastnetmon community edition using this guide: FastNetMon Community install guide | FastNetMon Official site

I then continued on to this guide to create a database and display them in a dashboard: INFLUXDB integration | FastNetMon Official site

NOTE: I want to point out that I only used the first version of influxdb and not influxdb2 because influxdb2 doesn’t seem to support graphite anymore. The guide in the second link that I sent will redirect you to install influxdb2.

Everything went well except for one thing. The networks that I put in graphite is not appearing for some reason.

Screenshot from the guide:

Screenshot of my results:

Networks is not appearing which means I cannot pull any data from it. Anyone has any idea why it is not showing?

Hello @Darryll_Angeles,
I’m sorry to report, that I don’t know. Can you please create an issue?