Monitor server down with telegraf , influxdb and grafana


Hello ,
I wondered how you monitor the servers. I would like to get an alert in grafana when a server goes down or when a telegraph agent stops.
How could I do that ?

Thanks in advance


That’s something I’d like monitors to do, too.


I thought about kapacitor but I couldn’t find a way to send an alert from kapacitor to grafana …


Hi @MarcV,

I don’t personally use Grafana for alerting. I use the Chronograf and Kapacitor part of the TICK stack to do this. You could write a deadman TICK script to monitor a server being down and use Kapacitor to alert you. If you generate a script with Chronograf you’ll see at the bottom there is an output node. This can store the alert data in InfluxDB in a database called Chronograf by default.

You could then use Grafana to build dashboards based on the alert data.

We collect a lot of data where I work and we found querying InfluxDB with Grafana for our dashboards and to also generate alerts was quite intensive on InfluxDB and as there’s no limit to the memory Influx uses we got a lot of OOM issues.