Simple Offline Check Telegraf - InfluxDB 2 - Grafana Alert

Hi, noob at InfluxDb and Flux, am slowly getting the hang of the language, etc but i can’t seem to find an easy way to set a Grafana alert based on an InfluxDB2 query to determine whether a telegraf agent is no longer reporting

I have seen the monitor.deadman() but it doesn’t seem to work or I’m not getting it

How do you all do it? I could probably do it based on an alert per host but I would prefer an alert regardless of the number of hosts with agents

Any help would be appreciated!

Also if Grafana is not the right tool, how can i send email alerts from InfluxDB without using one of teh paid services listed as notification endpoints?


Hello @pcmann,
Have you seen this blog? Please consider giving it a read.

I don’t know if this is possible with Grafana.

You’ll need to create a custom notification rule.
Here’s an example of how to send an email notification:

What email server are you using?
Here’s a tutorial for creating a custom notification endpoint with telegram:

Here’s a tutorial for how to configure a slack notification:

I realize you just asked for email, but I figured providing more examples could be helpful in case you decide you want to take advantage of any of the other notification endpoint packages.

Here’s a complete list of notification endpoints:

Thanks for this @Anaisdg but I have already gone through this and a lot was helpful but all i need is to report on when a telegraf agent has stopped reporting

From what i can see is that I get information on a host until it stops sending but how do I monitor the hosts column? say if a host from teh list was reporting but then isn’t - I want to know that

Is this possible whether directly in InfluxDB or with Grafana?