Alerta integration

Dear colleges,

Two weeks ago decided to start study InfluxDB ecosystem. Started from v.2.
Now came to a point - Alerting and notification.
The amount of methods for “Notification Endpoint” is very poor (Slack, Pagerduty, Http).

Is there an option to connect InfluxDB v.2 with Alerta, which could provide all means of further alerting ?

P.S. at the moment before started studying “Alerting and notification” theme, there is only one notable disappointing thing about InfluxDB v.2. When setting up things in Grafana, there are no “Aliases” working with Flux. These are required for certain panels or features of panels.

Hello @fhrr,
Welcome! I believe more alerting integrations will be available with the GA release. I know alerta integration exists with v1.x. I recommend checking out v1.7.x–as it is a hybrid between the v1.x and v2.0x and you get Flux.

I don’t know about v2 but I integrated v1.7 with Alerta before.

We have this on our roadmap for v2.0, as we would like to have parity and beyond in terms of the alert targets supported by Kapacitor.

Of course, v2.0 is open source, so we would love a contribution to help extend more quickly in this area by community members! :slight_smile:

For those who may be interested,
We have decided to use Node-RED.

It is easy to setup. Has big amount of integrations.

Postgres is used to reflect data in Grafana

Is it possible for you to share details?

I was hoping, drawing and screanshot show the details.
could you please, list concrete questions.