Alert UI is lacking

Ok, So I am surprised I am the first writing this. The alert UI is quirky. I had to figure out where it is writing the alerts which wasn’t too hard. But the UI has a raw flux display for the explore pane with functional filter and components selectors and the alerts do not. It is quirky all around too because sometimes the tags will not show if I don’t go back and forth with the filter first before the grouping selection.

Also, the number of endpoints have shrunk so now I have to figure out how I can write an http post to the grafana annotations endpoint when an alert is triggered. If I could push it into kafka that would work but so far I don’t see a way to do that either. How many people are using kapacitor still for InfluxDB 2.0?

Hello @kramik1,
Can you provide some examples of what you mean?
There are a lot of endpoints for flux, but you have to write a custom notification rule.
Please see a list here:

Yeah, I have noticed recently the documentation for other endpoints. The UI in general is still quirky when writing flux rules with the UI helper. The explorer has a raw flux version which is what I was expecting to use most often. It would be nice to have an IDE plugin for IntelliJ :slight_smile: I could take some screen shots and maybe open an issue on github for the UI quirkiness.

I am playing with the exporting and importing of templates now which explains more of what I was wondering about for provisioning tasks / alerts and seeing what they are really doing.