Telegraf synthetic monitoring

Hello ,
I wondered how you monitor the servers ( "x.x.x.x " not ‘‘’’). I would like to get an alert in grafana when a server goes down or when a telegraf agent stops.
How could I do that ?
thanks in advance

Hello @Annonyme1,
What telegraf plugins are you using?

I’am just asking for a plugin to use !

This sounds more like a job for a system such as Icinga to me.

You might also want to investigate monit for keeping services running if they



i’am monitoring system metrics using telegraf and i was asking if i can get an alert when the my servers are down !!
I could do that with prometheus with alert manager but i’am looking if telegraf+influxdb can do that !

Sorry if I offended you with my answer - from your tone it seems like it.

However, I merely wanted to suggest that I do not think telegraf + influxdb is
the right tool for what you are trying to do, so I suggested something else
which can definitely do what you want.



I thought maybe if i could somehome select my servers ip and send in each x (10s) interval a ping !
and generate a graph ! when i got now response i got value =0 so i got the grafana alert !
Is that possible ?

Hi, it seems that you need global tags in telegraf config (x.x.x.x part) and kapacitor for the alert rule. In your case it would be deadman function. Alert when no points received within some interval.

Can u explain better for me i 'am noob here so i need more detailed steps !

Well if you want to see hostname AND ip address as a tag, you need to configure telegraf on every server monitored with
ip_address = “x.x.x.x”
with x.x.x.x which is corresponding system ip address.
Read here: telegraf/ at master · influxdata/telegraf · GitHub
Regarding alerts. You need to setup full tick stack, and create DEADMAN script. Kapacitor is a part, witch manages alert rules (tickscript) and sends alerts (well and much more:) )
Read here: Introducing Kapacitor | Kapacitor 1.5 Documentation
You can create rules via Chronograf.
Read here: Chronograf 1.8 Documentation
If you want only graphs in grafana, forget kapacitor ant chronograf parts :slight_smile:

i just want only graph than i will generate alert with grafana i don’t want to use chronograph or kapacitor

So as I said earlier:

so i should set global tag on each telegraf the ip-address of the host where it’s installed ?

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