How to get alerts/notifications when telegraf is dead /unable to send metrics from server

If data collection is not happening when using telegraf agent, how will i get notifications?.
Is any special features available with telegraf, or do we need to use any options to get telegraf self status.


Currently, there is no alerting directly from Telegraf. I believe a common scenario is to have your reporting mechanism (e.g. InfluxDB or grafana) alert you if metrics stop coming in or go below a certain level.

If you are running Telegraf as a service, you could check to ensure that the service is running. However, if Telegraf is erroring because something it is trying to monitor is down or a file is unable to be parsed you would need to review the telegraf logs themselves.

Hope that helps!

Hi, @Jay_Clifford
Thank you for your support!
Because my production environment decides to update conveniently, different mqtt topics use different telegraf configurations and put them in the telegraf. d directory and the data monitored by different topics and telegraf configurations enter different influxdb bucketsfor easy updating
I wonder if this plan can be realized? The problem with my local debugging is that I only sent a message to an mqtt topic, All telegraf conf received messages, causing all the data of the influx to be stored in buckets,It looks like mqtt topic topic matching mechanism fails :hear_no_evil:

Yes, Correct, i got the same kind response from other forum.
if telegraf not sending any data, then kapacitor will trigger alert( for that we have to setup the deadmon notifications)