Missing Database


I have an influxdb instance running in AWS with two EBS volumes attached for storage. I manage the instal via chef but when I went to upgrade from 1.2.2 -> 1.2.4 The data is still in the volumes and SHOW STATS shows the database but I cannot see the database in the SHOW DATABASES command and unable to get the data back has this happened to anyone before or is there a refresh command to help restore something?

Thanks for any help!

@rwilson-r7 Can you share a bit more about your setup? I would need to see your influxdb.conf and know where the volumes are mounted. Also taking me through the steps you made to upgrade might help.

Thanks for the reply by digging out the config for the reply I found that I had been saving this


Where the metadata/raft database is stored

To a local drive on the machine and was losing it each time, moving this to one of the EBS volumes appears to have resolved my issue!


@rwilson-r7 Well that will do it for sure! Glad you found the issue!