Rescue database from crashed container installation


Hi there,
i ran InfluxDB as an Docker Installation on a QNAP TS-251. Unfortunatelly an autamatic update to the Container Station has been made. After that all my containers crashed and I had no chance to start them up again.
I had to deinstall the whole Container Station and set it up new. Before that I saved the Shared Folder of my old InfluxDB container.
Now i installed a new Influx Container.
Is there a way to get my old data I saved from the shared folder into the new Influx installation?

Thanks a lot!



No idea? I can‘t believe i lost all my data :unamused:

Some additional information:
I use Influx version 1.7.5
The folder I saved contains the subfolders data, meta and wal.

In “data” and “wal” there are subfolders with the name of my database “openhabdb”

I now created a new InfluxDB Docker on my NAS and copied the subfolder into it. When i startet up the Docker, i could see in the console, that the subfolders were somehow recognized and scanned. But when i use the comman “show databases” only _internal is display.



Hi , have you copied the meta as well ?



I would stop the database , restore the meta folder from your backup and startup the database.