Moving my database into a docker

I have several applications on my home automation server, and sometimes updates makes dependency conflicts. I’ve now moved most of the applications into their own docker containers, but i’m struggling with the influx database.

I’ve made a docker-compose that sets up a volume for the /etc/influxdb/ for the influxdb.conf in order to edit the setup.
It also sets up a bind to the host directory that holds the databases.

This does however not transfer the existing database setup to the docker? When I fire the docker up, no databases are shown, and i know there is 800mb of database in the correct folder.

What other info do I need to transfer?

I know i could do a backup/restore, but won’t that be reset if the system is restarted?

EDIT: the host system is influxDB 1.x running on Debian Buster. I’m staying with influxdb 1.x for now.

No ideas? Am I using the dockerimage wrong?
Can’t see how an influxDB docker could be useful if the database setup isn’t persistent?

Found that i hadn’t updated the .conf file to the correct folder inside the docker (which has a bind to the host folder. Slightly embarassing!