InfluxDB won't update new database from EBS volume

Recently captured a snapshot of an ebs volume from one ec2 instance with influxdb and mounted it to another ec2 instance with influxdb (same version). I have my influxdb.conf file set [data] dir = /mnt/db/data and this is where i have moved the databases from the original ec2 instance.

When I run “influx -ssl -host (host address)” i get the same databases that were in influxdb originally, basically just telegraf. I checked /var/lib/influxdb and removed the databases from that location just to ensure it was not reading from there, and still the same databases are in influxdb.

I have run systemctl daemon-reload and restart and I still cannot see the new databases located in /mnt/db/data. Influx is running just fine as if nothing is wrong or has changed.

Any ideas where influx may be reading from? Is it cached?