Strange issue with influxdb


I have a strange issue with influxdb database on one of my windows machines.
When I enter influxd in commandline everything runs fine without any issues
however when I submit influx in commandline I see a warning machine as follows
subsequently when I attempt to create database all I see is a blank newline and when I enter show all databases nothing shows up.It a strange issue and I haven’t observed this behavior on my other machines.Please advice what could be causing this peculiar issueappreciate your input,thank you.

WARN: Connected to http://localhost:8086, but found no server version.
Are you sure an InfluxDB server is listening at the given address?
InfluxDB shell version: 1.5.2


I’ve experienced this issue with SSL enabled on InfluxDB but not using the influx client, could that be the cause?


Thanks for the reply but I didn’t make any changes specific to ssl,