Missing databases in v1.8 to v2.1 upgrade

I have an influxdb 1.8.3 instance running in docker.
I have performed all the steps necessary to upgrade to version 2.1 and the process of upgrading completed succesfully.

Now all the data seems to be present when using flux (and the v2 API) but I am facing some strange behaviour when using the V1 compatibility API.

It looks like only some of my databases where correctly migrated, if i run

influx v1 dbrp list

I see all of my databases correctly mapped to new buckets.
If I send the following query to the v1 /query compatibility api though I only see about half of them


And the databases missing from this query results are not accessible from any of the v1 endpoints (they error out saying database not found).

What could have gone wrong on those databases?

Turns out all DBRPs where created succesfully but some V1 Users permissions were missing after the upgradeā€¦

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