Databases vs Buckets in InfluxDB 2.x

We have upgraded Influx DB from v1.8 to v2.0.8 OSS
In InfluxDB 1.8 we had around 25 Databases, wondering how many Databases should we create in InfluxDB2.0 within buckets and looking for Best approach for mapping - is it 1 Bucket for each Database or Map all Databases in a single Bucket or just have 1 Database under 1 Bucket or otherwise.

Is it really significant to create databases in Influx2.0 or we can skip creating Database and just Manage with Buckets and Measurements.

Any sort of views is greatly appreciated.

Many Thanks,

I think the answer is “it depends”, I’ve got an old topic about v1 to v2 migration, I hope you can find something useful in there as it states the main options with pros and cons