Influxdb DBRP mapped database not showing up via v1 API

Hi all, I am new to influxdb, and recently I upgraded influxdb from 1.8 to 2.2. I have finished dbrp mapping with v1 database, and also manually migrated data from v1. However, in v2 it doesn’t show all my previous database if I visit v2 buckets via v1 API. Can anyone help me figuring out how to solve it please?

v2 bucket list: there are four buckets, Test, Testing, Vehicle and Analytics

ubuntu@ip-172-31-19-50:~$ influx bucket list
ID                      Name            Retention       Shard group duration    Organization ID         Schema Type
eb6c66260349a660        Analytics       infinite        168h0m0s                618d62217868897c        
a802f3889450509f        Test            infinite        168h0m0s                618d62217868897c        
6a140f81f08724de        Testing         infinite        24h0m0s                 618d62217868897c        
9ecd3978dd3b0d8a        Vehicle         infinite        168h0m0s                618d62217868897c        
a5e5f61746cb6209        _monitoring     168h0m0s        24h0m0s                 618d62217868897c        
2602b4a7e64bb781        _tasks          72h0m0s         24h0m0s                 618d62217868897c        

v1 dbrp mappling list: all four buckets mapped with v1 database

ubuntu@ip-172-31-19-50:~$ influx v1 dbrp list
ID                   Database     Bucket ID               Retention Policy        Default Organization ID
08c1a2341daae000     Test            a802f3889450509f        autogen                 true    618d62217868897c
08c1a2b0136ae000     Testing         6a140f81f08724de        autogen                 true    618d62217868897c
08c1a2d73d2ae000     Vehicle         9ecd3978dd3b0d8a        autogen                 true    618d62217868897c
08d0d5675b463000     Analytics       eb6c66260349a660        autogen                 true    618d62217868897c

However pulling database via v1 API only shows “Vehicle” database.

ubuntu@ip-172-31-19-50:~$ curl -X POST http://localhost:8086/query -u "user:token" --data-urlencode 'q=SHOW DATABASES'