DBRP Retention Policy

Hi there,

I’m using InfluxQl for InfluxDB 2.0. I would like to know when I did the dbrp mapping, is there any way that I can get all the information on the retention policy that is mapped? Maybe some sort of measurement that holds all the retention policy that is being mapped?

@faiz As far as I know, the only way to see a list of existing DBRP mappings is with the influx v1 dbrp list command.

Hi @scott,

If I may know is there any chance that I can recreate this, where I can have the persistent retention policy holds all the other retention policies in InfluxDB 2.x?

USE mydb
INSERT INTO persistent grafana_rp rp=“1_Minute” 604800000000000

In InfluxDB 2.0, “retention policies” don’t really exist anymore. 2.0 combines databases and retention policies into a single unit called a “bucket.” The DBRP mapping system is a specialized compatibility API that maps query and write requests to an appropriate bucket. So with 2.0, you can’t “add a retention policy;” CREATE RETENTION POLICY doesn’t work in 2.0.

What is your use case?