Influxdb to grafana. data from Proxmox VE


I’ve been struggling a bit with visualizing the data from influxDB in Grafana.
At the moment I’ve got InfluxDB and Grafana running in the same Debian 9.0 container in Proxmox VE.
I’m using ipmi_tool to monitor system, CPU and dimm-temp, by collecting it through telegraf. however, grafana doesn’t like hddtemp->telegraf->influxdb->grafana, so I had to use collectd for collecting hddtemp-data and transfering it to influxdb. hddtemp->collectd->influxdb->grafana works great.
I’m also collecting proxmox metrics to influxdb via udp-port as described in these instructions: The information is loaded to influxDB, but wont be shown in grafana. Yes, the source-setup in grafana is correct.

After reading the influxdb database for proxmox and telegraf->hddtemp, im starting to suspect that the tables are messed up.

Anyone got experience with grafana display and the related issues?


found the problem.
didn’t select correct output data on grafana.