InfluxDB Enterprise as Target and Source plus new admin

Greetings all,
I apologize in advance for jumping straight to the forums but I’ve been asked to assume support for a licensed InfluxDB enterprise cluster (1.9.5-c1.9.5) after the implementer left the company. I have no experience with the application(s) other than building out the VMs to provide for the cluster (2 x data, 3 x meta, 1 x chrono) to operate on.

After being informed of this shift in responsibility, I was then asked to determine if the enterprise or OSS release supports being a data target as well as a source (e.g. replicate, forward or push data to another influxdb). We are receiving data from end point devices via telegraf but have a business requirement to also provide the data to a 3rd party.

My initial thought with some quick googling would be to configure telegraf with 2 outputs but I don’t know if I’ll have control of that configuration or if there are concerns about consistency between data sources.

Looking for any good links or pointers that could specifically address this question but would also appreciate any resources for care and feeding, gotchas to watch for and/or monitoring tips and tricks. I will be poring over the InfluxDB University content and likely hunting down an online course or 3 but if you found something especially useful I’d love to hear about that as well.

Thanks in advance for your time, patience and assistance.