InfluxDB and Event Management?

Hello everybody,

I am new to InfluxDB, and currently exploring it to see if we can implement it in our company, I already did some quick testing with Grafana and Chronograf, I love the dashboards and how customizable they are, specially with Chronograf, but I have one question; is there any plugin or way to implement an actual event management with InfluxDB? We are moving from licenses to OSS, on our actual implementation we process syslog, traps, snmp polling, metrics from agents, json events, etc, and all those events are sent to a centralized event viewer that can process alerts (for example critical ones) for a medium to large company, so that a NOC can take action on it or escalate accordingly.

Or does someone has any experience implementing InfluxDB with any other OSS Event Management?

In case I didn’t explain myself correctly, I am talking about something like “Zabbix Problems” or the “Netcool Event Viewer”, see below:

Zabbix Problems:

Netcool Event Viewer:

Hello @randallnacr,
I’m not sure. Is this useful?

The log viewer in Chronograf is intended to help in this area. But, it is limited to a specific syslog format and won’t cover SNMP traps, json events, etc.