InfluxDB and Chronograf for visualizing high-frequency sporadic data?

I have some hardware devices that produce high-rate data sporadically. The devices might do 10s-100s of messages per second for a few minutes, and then not run again for perhaps days or weeks. I’m putting the data into InfluxDB now and it seems to be working ok, but I haven’t found a good way to visualize it. Grafana sort of works, but the display isn’t smooth (it has to poll for new data), and it’s cumbersome to manually create new plots. Chronograf looks promising, and I hacked a change to ui/src/shared/data/autoRefreshes.js and timeRanges.js for displaying the last 30 seconds of data, with a 500ms refresh rate.

Is there some other choice besides Chronograf that would be more suitable? If not, I guess i’ll make a pull request on github for my Chronograf change, and see what the developers think.